Breast Health

The idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is no more true than with breast health. While self-examination is recommended for all women, Jennersville Hospital also offers a variety of diagnostic services that can help identify breast issues before they become larger health problems. From mammography to biopsies, we are dedicated to keeping women healthy, educated and informed with regard to the health of their breast tissue.

Our breast health team includes a board-certified surgeon and board-certified radiologist. Your breast health coordinator will facilitate communication and scheduling among all care providers, streamline scheduling process for additional studies, breast biopsies and physician appointments and assist with access to support services. Your doctor will be informed of all results and diagnoses.

Our Services

  • 3D Mammography
  • Digital mammography
  • High-resolution breast ultrasound
  • Breast evaluations for patients at high risk due to family history or prior cancer
  • Minimally invasive diagnostic breast biopsy procedures using ultrasound
  • Quick turn-around time on diagnostic testing and scheduling for biopsies
  • Consultation with a surgeon

For more information on breast health, please contact 610-869-1555.

For surgical information, please contact 610-869-1030.

Educational Programs

We offer a variety of ongoing educational programs and support groups encourage and promote healthy living. Find a seminar.

To schedule a mammogram, please call 610-869-1555.