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If bone or joint problems are keeping you from enjoying life like you used to, you don't have to travel far for relief. Jennersville Hospital specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of injuries and disorders - from traumatic and sports-related conditions, to chronic and debilitating joint pain. So whether you want to get back to your morning run or walk up your stairs with greater ease, know that skilled orthopedic care is at home in West Grove.

Advanced Joint Placement Solutions

The orthopedic surgeons on the Jennersville Hospital staff offer exciting options to patients who've suffered too long with stiff, painful joints caused by osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions:

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

We were the first facility in the tri-state area to perform this less invasive alternative to traditional hip replacement. The procedure is performed through smaller incisions on the front of the hip as opposed to the posterior (back), thereby sparing surrounding muscles. For you, this may offer a wide range of benefits, including less pain; more flexibility and mobility immediately following surgery; decreased risk of dislocation; and a faster return to the life you love. For more details, SEE THIS HELPFUL ANTERIOR HIP REPLACEMENT BROCHURE.

LEARN MORE ABOUT JOINT REPLACEMENT AT Jennersville Hospital and our simple steps to success.

Care for Every Condition

The physicians on the medical staff at Jennersville Hospital have expertise in nearly every orthopedic specialty, providing care for even the most complex conditions affecting the hips, knees, shoulders, hands, wrists and ankles.

Just some of our specialties include:

  • Pain Management: evidenced-based therapy and personalized exercise programs, plus support from a board-certified pain management physician and BOARD-CERTIFIED RHEUMATOLOGIST to help keep your pain in check
  • Sports Medicine: specialized care and recovery techniques for athletes of all ages
  • Emergency Fracture Care: our ER provides around-the-clock care for traumatic orthopedic injuries
  • Arthroscopy: minimally invasive procedure to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, like torn rotator cuffs and ligament tears
  • Hip Resurfacing: resurfaces rather than replaces the end of the femur (thighbone), often allowing for more strenuous physical activity with a more stable and longer-lasting implant than traditional hip replacements
  • Total Joint Revision: performed to correct previous joint replacements which may have deteriorated due to wear and tear or infection

Rehabilitation to Feel and Move Like You Again

Get back to your life following an orthopedic injury, illness or procedure with Jennersville Hospital's INPATIENT AND OUTPATIENT REHABILITATION SERVICES, offered right on campus. Our personalized programs - including physical and occupational therapy, sports medicine and more - focus on relieving pain and restoring strength, function and mobility. If you're hospitalized following surgery, you'll work closely with a physical therapist to achieve daily goals and return home with confidence.

Skilled Orthopedic Care and Services in Chester County

Jennersville Hospital proudly serves our West Grove, Kennett Square and Oxford, Pennsylvania communities. FIND AN ORTHOPEDIC SPECIALIST nearby who can help get you back to living and feeling your best.


Solutions to Chronic Hip and Knee Pain

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