Orthopedic Surgery Patient Testimonials

For the orthopedic doctors on staff at Jennersville Hospital , there's nothing more satisfying than helping patients reclaim the life they thought was behind them.

Read these inspiring stories from those who've found relief firsthand. And remember: you don't have to give up what you love, either.

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Connie H., Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

The time had come. Connie had put off getting her hip replaced, but now that she was retired from a varied and lively career in education, she was a woman on a mission. That mission was pain relief and a return to normal family activities.

Living in the beach side community of Lewes, Delaware, Connie loved to hop in the car for the long trip to visit her grandchildren. But when she couldn't even bend over to put her socks on, traveling long distances was a significant problem. So like any good educator, Connie did her research. That's when she learned that Jennersville Hospital , a facility two hours away in neighboring Pennsylvania, offered the anterior approach to hip replacement - a less invasive alternative to traditional hip replacement that often offers less pain, faster recovery and improved mobility.

Helping her decision was the immediate connection Connie felt with CRAIG SMUCKER, M.D., a surgeon on the medical staff at Jennersville Hospital who specializes in the procedure. As she passed by larger institutions on her way to West Grove, she felt very much at ease and confident that the community hospital would meet her needs. She was particularly pleased with her private room where she could recover in comfort.

Connie is now back to doing the things she loves: strolling the beach, gardening, travelling and enjoying the simple daily tasks of living.



Patrick T., Knee Surgery

As a young professional and father-to-be, Patrick knew he had to do something about his knees. Years of hockey, basketball, football and baseball had taken its toll on the 6' 3" athlete. It had gotten to the point that a half hour of basketball with friends meant two weeks of awful pain. "I couldn't kneel (for 5 years) or crawl," something he knew he'd want to do once the baby arrived. "I had trouble with stairs, riding on a plane or just going to the movies."

So Patrick turned to Jennersville Hospital and orthopedic surgeon, BRAIN DE MUTH, M.D. Following attempts to resolving his knee pain with conservative treatment options, the decision was made for outpatient surgery on his right knee. Due to the successful outcome of the first procedure, six months later he had the left knee done.

"I was so impressed with Dr. De Muth's personal level of care during every step of the process, including the fact that he gave me his personal cell phone number and called me the day after surgery. I was anxious as so many people are about surgery, but Dr. De Muth put me at ease with his confidence, thorough explanations, and his experience with athletes like me."

Looking back, "It was crazy how long I put off getting help," says Patrick. Immediately after the first procedure, Patrick felt the long-anticipated relief of the daily pain. He can now play a full season in his adult basketball league without any worry that he'll have to drop out or be racked the pain. "The most important benefit is that I can get down on the floor and play with my son Mason!"


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