A long-term provider of outpatient ophthalmology services, the Surgery Center at Jennersville Hospital is now offering retinal procedures with the addition of two fellowship-trained retinal surgeons to the medical staff.

Retinal Detachment and Diabetes Retinopathy

Retinal surgery is required when the eye’s retina has been damaged in a way that can’t heal naturally. A common issue is retinal detachment, a separation between the retina and the underlying eye tissue, caused by a break, hole or tear. Retinal damage may also be brought on by diabetes, a condition that can lead to blindness. Once considered impossible, medical technology has advanced to the point where retinal surgery is now quite common and safe. The doctors and nurses at Jennersville Hospital have this technology on hand and can successfully repair eye damage—right here in your community.

Cataract Surgery

Using a small incision, no stitch, no needle surgical technique, patients now have the opportunity to customize their surgical procedure by choosing either an astigmatism-correcting lens or a multifocal lens. These specialized intraocular lenses provide patients the best chance for spectacle freedom available today and are great for patients with an active lifestyle.

Using the Infinity Vision System, a phacoemulsifier, our surgeons perform customized cataract surgery with increased surgical control and safety. It provides our patients with better surgical outcomes and a higher level of safety than with traditional cataract removal technologies.


If medication and other techniques do not bring needed results, surgical management of glaucoma may be required to release the pressure within the eye. Jennersville Hospital recently began offering trabeculectomy, a type of surgery most often used to reduce the pressure associated with glaucoma. Studies have found that trabeculectomy significantly reduces future visual field loss and lowers pressure in the eyes.

If you or a loved one needs eye surgery, a consultation with a Jennersville Hospital ophthalmologist is your first step. All of the ophthalmologists associated with our Surgery Center are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and several members have advanced fellowship training in a sub-specialty of ophthalmology.

For more information, please contact: Surgery Center (610) 869-1030