Breast Imaging

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. Jennersville Hospital provides helpful services to educate women on breast health, and encourage self-exams and routine screenings. We utilize highly sophisticated imaging technology that can detect breast cancer at the earliest stages, when treatment can be most effective. The combination of highly trained, caring technologists and the latest imaging technology allows us to deliver the highest quality of care.

Breast UltrasoundBreast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound is often used to further evaluate an abnormality found during a mammogram. Ultrasound allows doctors to see the area closest to the chest wall, which can be difficult to see using ...

3D Mammography3D Digital Mammography

Mammography is an X-ray exam of the breasts used to screen for or diagnose breast cancer. Jennersville Hospital offers 3D digital imaging technology for mammograms. With digital technology, r...

Breast MRI

Breast MRI

Along with mammography, breast MRI can be an effective diagnostic tool. Breast MRI is often used for women who are at greater risk of developing breast cancer or who have dense breast tissue or implan...

GynecologyImage-Guided Biopsy

When a lump or abnormal area is detected during screening, a biopsy can determine whether cells are cancerous. Advanced imaging technology — such as MRI, mammography, or ultrasound— can be combined with minimally invasive techniques to obtain tissue samples.
Jennersville Hospital offers digital stereotactic and ultrasound-guided biopsies. Knowing anxiety levels are high when faced with a biopsy, our staff is here to offer support and guidance.